Installation, maintenance & training

When purchasing a Starrsed instrument with one of our distributors, you can trust us to deliver your new instrument as fast as possible. First, we manufacture your instrument according to the latest specifications of the system. When your instrument is delivered, it is time for installation, in which we support you of course.

Starrsed validation

We believe that validation of ESR instruments should be carried out using the guidelines of the ICSH for ESR validation. The principal validation is against the manual Westergren method. Other aspects are also being tested like carry-over potential, precision testing and measuring abnormal samples. We offer an easy to follow guideline with a utility for data input with automatic Passing-Bablok regression, and the Bland-Altman method graphs production.

Starrsed maintenance

Service and repair ability and responsiveness are extremely important for you. With our distributors, we have built service programs that suit your need. Service engineers are factory trained and certified. Contact your distributor to discuss your specific needs. Our instruments are designed for maximum uptime and our service engineers are duly trained to maximize. All to make the gold standard Westergren measurement hassle-free.

We operate worldwide

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