Original Equipment Manufacturer

RRM considers long-term relationships with its partners crucial. Whether you are looking for a complete OEM automation platform or a co-development, our team has the knowledge to tailor solutions in such a way that they cover your requirements. 

Seamless integration

RRM is familiar with regulated environments and our Regulatory Affairs team is knowledgeable of the complex regulatory directives and closely follows changes in the regulatory sphere. This results in trustworthy and reliable performance. Inevitably the product will meet your expectations.


RR Mechatronics is a fast growing and innovative company that develops and sells instruments for routine analysis of blood. Our instruments are often important for a fast and correct diagnosis.

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Global distribution and service

RR Mechatronics is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Our certified partners are trained and equipped to help you choose the right instruments and to perform on-site services, whether it is planned maintenance or emergency service.