Specialized hematology IVD solutions

Because every patient deserves the right diagnosis and care

Unequalled ESR measurements

Westergren Gold standard ESR

Starrsed is a portfolio of automated ESR instruments according to the gold standard Westergren. The Starrsed family ranges from instruments geared towards smaller ESR capacities up to high-capacity and high levels of lab automation.

Functional analysis of red blood cells

Analysis of hereditary and acquired membrane disorders and anemias

Lorrca allows for functional quantitative measurements of red blood cell (RBC) deformability by challenging the mechanical properties of healthy and diseased RBCs. Lorrca is a Research Use Only (RUO) instrument that is used for identification of a broad range of RBC related diseases.

Reconstitution of concentrated reagents

Significant environmental and logistical savings


Reagent Preparation Instrument that pushes sustainability and ready to use reagents  to a higher level.

Building on gold standards to provide doctors with the right measurements and analysis for their patient diagnosis.

House of gold standards

The right diagnosis is grounded in science. Gold standards make them applicable and that’s why we use and help to create them.

Pushing product expectations

Together with external partnerships, we strive for innovative and relevant medical solutions for ESR, ektacytometry and reagent management.

In-house expertise

Over 35 years of focus on the development, manufacturing, sales & marketing and servicing of hematology IVD MedTech solutions, seamlessly integrated with strict quality management and regulatory procedures.

Personal collaboration

We believe in sharing our knowledge and collaboration to accelerate the development of diagnostics. Through our Academy, we support and work together with our ecosystem of universities, clinical researchers, companies and patient organizations.

Global distribution and service

RR Mechatronics is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Our certified partners are trained and equipped to help you choose the right instruments and to perform on-site services, whether it is planned maintenance or emergency service.