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We believe that every patient deserves the right diagnosis and care

RR Mechatronics' story

“We believe that every patient deserves the right diagnosis and care” is the binding vision of the RR Mechatronics team. That’s why we keep developing instruments that follow or set gold standards and make the user capable of doing the job right for all patients.

We’re most proud of our ability to stay innovative. Our commitment to innovation is reflected by the fact that over one in four of our employees work in Research & Development. Thanks to innovation, not a day has been the same for us since our establishment in 1986.

As a highly innovative MedTech company, RR Mechatronics has the mission to create high quality, reliable diagnostics instruments. With our dedicated team, we created automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) instruments that fully comply with the Westergren method, and tens of millions of ESR tests are performed every year with RR Mechatronics instruments. Besides ESR instruments, RR Mechatronics also develops red blood cell analysis platforms and systems to enable controlled reagent management.

It all started when two passionate engineers, armed with knowledge of precision mechanics, electronics, and computers, decided to create high quality, reliable blood testing instruments. Decades later, the highly qualified RR Mechatronics team is still dedicated to this mission. To invent and develop precise analytical instruments and solutions that relate to gold standards is what sets us out. RR Mechatronics’ instruments are among the best available and are sold to renowned medical laboratories worldwide, still our efforts to move beyond what we already can do are never finished. RR Mechatronics: Masters of Measurement.

Our products and knowledge make a difference in the operations of our customers, which enables them to help their patients better. However, our work is never done.  RR Mechatronics develops better products by applying new insights and knowledge. Our developers are committed to achieving breakthrough innovations, their further development, and, ultimately, implementation in our products.

Inspiration and innovation go hand in hand. Therefore, our communication is open and direct, we value teamwork and we continuously push our boundaries. We are part of the world at large, which we invite inside to inspire us with new ideas and insights, as well as test our own assumptions.

Our R&D department operates several collaboration programs with outside companies and organizations. In fact, many of our products are the result of close collaborations with partners, such as clinical laboratories, universities, technological institutions, and our OEM-partners. We have long lasting relationships with renowned technological organizations in these areas. We translate new knowledge into commercial practices that meet our customers’ needs. After all, improvement is impossible without innovation

At RR Mechatronics we understand the critical role that testing has in the healthcare industry, where precision and reliability are paramount for patient care. Our commitment to delivering precise and dependable test results underlineour dedication to supporting the healthcare professionals who rely on our medical devices.

To uphold the highest standards of quality, we operate under a robust Quality Management System that is continuously improved and controlled by our dedicated team in Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs team. This system encompasses every facet of our operations, from research and development through production, delivery, and ongoing maintenance. We are committed to meet and exceeding our clients’ expectations by integrating quality into every process and decision.

Our adherence to ISO certification – EN ISO 13485 – is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. This certification ensures that our products and services consistently meet both customer expectations, medical standards and applicable  regulations for medical devices. By adhering to EN ISO 13485, we demonstrate our capability to deliver medical devices that adhere to the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and reliability.

At RR Mechatronics quality isn’t just a goal – it’s ingrained in our culture, driving us to continuously improve and innovate. We are proud to partner with healthcare professionals worldwide, providing them with the confidence and assurance they need to deliver exceptional patient care.

Back in 1987, the UN-committee Brundtland defined sustainability as “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.” Almost three decades later it remains the best definition there is. Every company has the moral obligation to contribute to sustainability.

RR Mechatronics takes this responsibility very seriously and approaches it in two ways.

1. What we create: we build high-quality products that are future proof.

2. How we create: our production process makes smart and efficient use of raw materials and energy. We strive for the highest quality at the lowest level of waste

Customer feedback allows us to continuously improve our products. We invest in remote monitoring systems to monitor instrument’s performance. That is not all. RR Mechatronics instruments are designed for low-energy consumption and low-noise production, without compromising safety and ergonomic standards. The quest for sustainability is never ending. It is our goal to convince both our internal as well as our external stakeholders of the profitability and importance of sustainability. It is not just something one should strive for. For RRM it is a source of pride. In fact, we are so committed to sustainability that in our long-term strategy, we will only collaborate with companies that take their corporate social responsibility seriously. We do not simply talk sustainably, we act it.

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