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RR Mechatronics provides exceptional service, like installation, training and maintenance, to help you to operate your instrument correctly. To see which services are provided, click on your instrument in the options below.

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Installation, maintenance & training

Corrmi products, like the RPI, are being installed and supported by certified engineers of our partners. The RPI only requires an easy to follow operator training. If you have any questions about operating your Corrmi instrument, you can always contact your distribution partner.

Installation & maintenance

The installation and maintenance are standardized and the measurement process is described in a Standard Operating Procedure.

Lorrca Training

Lorrca instruments are being used very diversly. That’s why, next to installation, we provide user trainings and application trainings. Maintenance is always performed by certified engineers.

Installation & maintenance

To operate your Starrsed optimally, correct installation and regular maintenance are crucial.

Starrsed Training

Starrsed instruments are very easy to operate but an operator training is always provided by our distribution partner. We always verify the effectiveness of the training so new Starrsed instruments can be used with trust.


External Quality Assessment Service is RR Mechatronics’ comprehensive tool to periodically assess the performance of the Starrsed analyzer at your lab; also in relation to other Starrsed instruments in other labs.

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