RR Mechatronics is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Where we don’t sell and service directly, we are proud to have strong partnerships with locally renowned, highly specialized, and certified distributors. Employees of our distributors are fully trained and certified to service the Starrsed instruments.

Working closely with our distributors.

Because we have long lasting relationships with our distributors, they are not only able to help our customers choose the right Starrsed instrument, but also address any technical question they may have. Our distributors have spare parts on stock and have their own factory trained, locally available engineers for both emergency and planned maintenance. Moreover, these engineers can always rely on the dedicated support-group of RR Mechatronics for support, training, and certification.

Are you interested in a partnership for what we offer?

Global distribution and service

RR Mechatronics is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Our certified partners are trained and equipped to help you choose the right instruments and to perform on-site services, whether it is planned maintenance or emergency service.