In vitro diagnostics

To obtain the right diagnosis for every patient, experts use in vitro examination of specimens such as blood. RR Mechatronics develops and distributes instruments to accurately perform in vitro diagnostics in specialized labs.

In vitro tests

In vitro diagnostics (IVD) are tests that can detect disease, conditions and infections. In vitro simply means ‘in glass’, meaning these tests are typically conducted in a controlled environment, as opposed to in vivo tests, which are conducted in the body itself.

In vitro tests may be done in laboratories, health care facilities or even at home.

The house of gold standards

In vitro diagnostics is based on gold standards that help indicate the right diagnosis per sample. We use and develop these standards and our products comply with them, that’s why we consider ourselves the house of gold standards for in vitro diagnostics.

Our Starrsed family carries out ESR tests according to the gold standard Westergren. The Lorrca oxygenscan and osmoscan are also considered the gold standard in functional hematology RBC research. For example, measuring the point of sickling in sickle cell disease, osmotic fragility, and deformability of RBC’s.

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