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As a laboratory, medical specialist, partner or OEM, you might be looking for specific information for your field of work. We’ve collected everything you need to know on this page to answer many of your questions.

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As a laboratory, you want to deliver correct results as efficiently as possible. That’s why you need reliable and accurate instruments that are easy to work with. And, if needed, you want to be able to count on outstanding support.


We highly value our long-lasting relationships with our certified and dedicated distribution partners. Together we serve our joint customers, the laboratories. Provided we find perfectly fitting partners, we’re keen to further expand our global reach.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Collaborating with the world’s most prestigious IVD manufacturers is an integral part of our business. Our Research & Development team innovates products while fully complying with all regulatory requirements.

Medical specialists

We believe gold standards are the right tools for medical specialists to establish the correct diagnosis and treatment for their patients. That’s why we dedicate our efforts to develop and comply to gold standards.

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Global distribution and service

RR Mechatronics is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Our certified partners are trained and equipped to help you choose the right instruments and to perform on-site services, whether it is planned maintenance or emergency service.