Lorrca Training

Lorrca instruments are being used for very diverse blood research purposes. This ranges from human samples to very low quantity cultured cells.  That’s why, next to installation, we provide tailored user trainings and application trainings. Maintenance is always performed by certified engineers.

Use of the Lorrca

When purchasing a Lorrca instrument, we’ll include specialized training in the prize. The basic training takes about 3 hours to complete and is provided online. We have learned that the maximum effective group size for a basic user training is 4 persons. Often, we have follow-up discussion once the user has gained some hands-on experience. In a follow-up session we share our knowledge on how to verify the correctness of the results, how they may be interpreted and how to optimize for your specific research.

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Topics of the Lorrca training

  • Getting to know the Lorrca applications: we’ll start the training with training all measurement possibilities that the Lorrca provides for.
  • Operating the Lorrca system: in this part of the training, we’ll train how to operate the Lorrca as efficiently as possible.
  • Technical aspects and troubleshooting: basic knowledge about the technical aspects of Lorrca and training to perform simple troubleshooting.

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Global distribution and service

RR Mechatronics is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Our certified partners are trained and equipped to help you choose the right instruments and to perform on-site services, whether it is planned maintenance or emergency service.