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RR Mechatronics' story

“We believe that every patient deserves the right diagnosis and care” is the binding vision of the RR Mechatronics team. That’s why we keep developing instruments that follow or set gold standards and make the user capable of doing the job right for all patients.

We’re most proud of our ability to stay innovative. Our commitment to innovation is reflected by the fact that over one in four of our employees work in Research & Development. Thanks to innovation, not a day has been the same for us since our establishment in 1986.

As a highly innovative MedTech company, RR Mechatronics has the mission to create high quality, reliable diagnostics instruments. With our dedicated team, we created automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) instruments that fully comply with the Westergren method, and tens of millions of ESR tests are performed every year with RR Mechatronics instruments. Besides ESR instruments, RR Mechatronics also develops red blood cell analysis platforms and systems to enable controlled reagent management.

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