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The Lorrca is a unique platform instrument for a whole range of different Red Blood Cell analysis. It is currently a Research Use Only instrument (RUO). It is tabletop sized, easy to use and due to standardized operation protocols, results can be shared confidently.

Possible applications of the Lorrca RUO platform

Red blood cell deformability is a power indicator for research fields such as malaria, diabetes and enzyme deficiencies. For this test, only 25 μl of blood is suspended in Elon-ISO and then sheared between two concentric cylinders. A known shear stress is applied to the cells, resulting in deformation. This process is measured by a laser beam diffraction pattern, captured with a video camera and analyzed by a computer. This test has a short turnout time and can easily be repeated.

During the Osmoscan, Lorrca measures deformability under an osmotic gradient and shows the cell’s condition at different osmotic values. This scan is used to study hereditary anemias, membrane disorders, enzyme deficiencies, thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease.

With an Osmoscan, four parameters are defined that are important to characterize the “fitness” of the RBCs: Omin (osmolality at Elmin, hypotonic region), Elmax (maximal oEL of the total curve), Omax (osmolality at Elmax) and Ohyper (osmolality corresponding to 50% of the Elmax; hypertonic region).


An Oxygenscan is a distinctive technique to measure and visualize RBC elongation in shear stress in an oxygen gradient. Lorrca is used to perform this scan for Sickle Cell Disease studies and Sickle Cell Anemia treatment development.

During the Oxygenscan, Lorrca measures the relative oxygen pressure at the “Point of Sickling”’, often referred to as “PoS”. This is a critical point where the RBCs of the sickle cell patient starts to become rigid and crescent. The PoS for a sickle patient is indicative of the current SCD severity, that’s why the fast results of each test is an important feature of Lorrca.

RBC aggregation is an important, shear dependent, determinant of blood viscosity. The Lorrca aggregation and disaggregation application is used to study infectious diseases, blood storage and blood quality and to detect diseases like inflammatory states, vascular pathologies and tissue perfusion problems.

Purchasing a Lorrca

Interest in a Lorrca is usually encompassed with detailed application questions about how the Lorrca can be beneficial for the measurements and analysis required. Our specialized Lorrca Business Development Team and our application specialists are happy to work closely with you.


When purchasing a Lorrca, RR Mechatronics offers a standard training for employees working with the instrument. This is included in the purchase price. The operator training takes approximately 6 hours and is provided online. The training includes operating the Lorrca system, gaining knowledge of the Lorrca applications and mastering operator maintenance aspects and simple troubleshooting.

Support at hand

Lorrca is a technical product. When using it, system specific questions of technical or scientific nature may arise. The RR Mechatronics Support Department is specialized in answering these questions to keep performance or experiments optimal.

The Starrsed product family

Our Starrsed family is unique because since the development of the instrument, the measurement principle is the Westergren Gold Standard as confirmed by the ICSH in 2017. Starrsed uniquely offers automated Westergren gold standard ESR measurements in different levels of capacity that suit your needs.

Starrsed TL

The Starrsed TL is designed for integration in Total Laboratory Automation systems (TLA) and can be connected to solutions as Inpeco FlexLab, Abbott Accelerator, Siemens Aptio, GLP (Abbott) and more.

Starrsed RL

The Starrsed RL is designed as an add-on module for the Sysmex XN-9100 series. It’s direct connection to the XN eliminates all tube or rack handling by operators.

Starrsed RS

The Starrsed MR. The Starrsed Multi Rack is fully automated and designed for medium sized laboratories. It comes configured to any of the common rack types like Sysmex, Beckman Coulter, Abbott, Siemens, Horiba and more.

Starrsed ST

The Starrsed SR. The Starrsed Single Rack instrument offers a fully automated gold standard Westergren ESR for lower capacity needs. EDTA tubes are placed on the instrument rack loader and the SR performs the complete ESR measurement fully automated.

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