Back in 1987, the UN-committee Brundtland defined sustainability as “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.” Almost three decades later it remains the best definition there is.

Every company has the moral obligation to contribute to sustainability. RR Mechatronics takes this responsibility very seriously and approaches it in two ways.

  1. What we create. We build high-quality products that are future-proof.
  2. How we create. Our production process makes smart and efficient use of raw materials and energy. We strive for the highest quality at the lowest level of waste.

Customer feedback allows us to continuously improve our products. We invest in remote monitoring systems to monitor instrument’s performance.

That is not all. RR Mechatronics instruments are designed for low-energy consumption and low-noise production, without compromising safety and ergonomic standards.

The quest for sustainability is never ending. It is our goal to convince both our internal as well as our external stakeholders of the profitability and importance of sustainability. It is not just something you should strive for, but it is also a source of pride. In fact, we are so committed to sustainability that in our long term strategy, we will only collaborate with companies that take their corporate social responsibility seriously. We do not simply talk sustainable, we act it.