Our products and knowledge make a difference in the operations of our customers, which enables them to help their patients better. However, our work is never done. This is why one in four of our employees works in R&D.

RR Mechatronics develops better products by applying new insights and knowledge. Our developers are committed to achieving breakthrough innovations, their further development, and, ultimately, implementation in our products.

Inspiration and innovation go hand in hand. Therefore, our communication is open and direct, we value team work highly, and we continuously push our boundaries. We are part of the world at large, which we invite inside to inspire new ideas and insights, as well as test our own assumptions.

Our R&D department operates several collaboration programs with outside companies and organizations. In fact, many of our products are the result of close collaborations with our technology partners, such as clinical laboratories, universities, technological institutions, and our OEM-partners. However, we work in other fields as well, such as environmental control, solar cell contact, and emitter resistance measurement. We have long lasting relationships with renowned technological organizations in these areas. We translate new knowledge into commercial practices that meet our customers’ needs. After all, improvement is impossible without innovation.