Masters of Measurement

The Netherlands: a small country with a great reputation in inventions and trade. A country of pioneers far ahead of their time. The country of the Dutch Masters Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Jacob van Ruysdael whose legacies are of great historical value. However, the Dutch were true masters in other fields as well. Take Christiaan Huygens for example, whose pioneering work in mathematics and contributions to physics and mechanics made him one of the most famous scientists of the seventeenth century. Let’s not forget about Antoni van Leeuwenhoek either, who was at the forefront of cell and microbiology in The Netherlands and abroad. He discovered the existence of red blood cells and was a real pioneer in the field of blood tests and blood circulation. Huygens and van Leeuwenhoek’s work still forms the basis of much of the scientific research and instruments we use today.

Till today, this is the heritage that inspires RR Mechatronics. It all started when two passionate engineers, armed with knowledge of electronics and computers, decided to create high quality, reliable blood testing instruments. Decades later, the highly qualified and dedicated RR Mechatronics team is still dedicated to this mission. Their work to invent and develop highly precise analytics instruments and solutions can be traced back to the discoveries made by Huygens and Van Leeuwenhoek. RR Mechatronics’ instruments are among the best available and are sold to renowned medical laboratories worldwide, but our efforts to move beyond what we can already do are never finished. RR Mechatronics: Masters of Measurement.