Starrsed X-clean

The pipettes of the Starrsed ST are re-used after each sample. No disposable plastics of any kind are used, which minimizes both costs as well as the environmental impact. However, this means the instrument’s pipettes require thorough cleaning. They are cleaned after every test using pistons, whereas the end-of-day cleaning uses a special agent: Starrsed X-Clean.

What Is It?

Starrsed X-clean is a ready-to-use cleaning fluid developed to intensively clean the Starrsed ST pipettes. It even removes residual proteins from the inner walls.

How Does It Work?

The operator first determines the frequency of the thorough cleaning. This may occur up to twice a day, depending on the number of tests carried out daily. The cleaning process is fully automated; all pipettes and all tubing and parts that are blood wetted in the operation process are cleaned with Starrsed X-Clean. Immediately after the automated cleaning process the instrument is ready to be used again