Starrsed Diluent

In 2011, the ICSH and the CLSI defined the Reference Method for ESR to be the Westergren Method; the Gold Standard. RR Mechatronics automatic ESR instruments are the only ones that comply with the gold standard Westergren Method. One of this method’s requirements is for the blood sample to be diluted with citrate diluent. This diluent is also used at the start of each prime cycle.

What Is It?

Starrsed Diluent is a sodium citrate fluid.

How Does It Work?

The Starrsed ESR instrument picks up the tube rack, checks the barcodes, and then determines which blood tubes require an ESR test. The Starrsed instruments automatically dilutes the blood of these tubes with the Starrsed citrate diluent in a 4:1 ratio, in full accordance with the Westergren Method. The diluted blood sample is then drawn up into one of the Westergren pipettes inside the instrument. The result may be printed and sent automatically to the LIMS if so required.

The Starrsed Instruments make use of EDTA sample tubes by automatically diluting the blood sample in agreement with the Westergren Method. The advantage is that EDTA blood is very stable compared to pre-citrated samples, allowing for accurate ESR test results up to 24 hours after collection. This provides laboratories with even more logistical flexibility.